GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — In an effort to further help save lives in cardiac events, the North Greece Fire District has recently acquired a mechanical CPR system, which is one we’re seeing more of in Monroe County.

The machinery allows first responders to extend their reach in best treating patients during an emergency.

Within the last year or so, Monroe County has implemented about a half-dozen of the LUCAS 3 mechanical CPR devices.

North Greece Fire District putting this in place within the last week to help increase the chance for survival after a cardiac event.

“It’s a tool in our toolbox. However, it does not replace contacting of 911, initiating the EMS system, bystander CPR, or use of an AED if there’s one available. That is, until fire and EMS personnel arrive. That’s critical in starting the process to save a life,” said Samuel DeRosa, chief of the North Greece Fire District.

The device is worth nearly $20,000, a donation made possible from North Greece’s fire union.

“The best use here is that continuous CPR. We know through studies we lose any chance of survival every minute or pause we have a lapse in CPR. Having no interruptions, no pauses, and really high quality CPR – this device certainly checks all those boxes,” said John Short, battalion chief of the North Greece Fire District.

Officials emphasize the importance of bystander CPR before activating the device. 

Multiple fire districts in Monroe County now have them installed for use at a moments notice, whether that’s immediately as well as during transportation to a hospital.

As seen around the region, state, and country in recent weeks, North Greece Fire has also noticed an increased demand in basic CPR training.

Crews there have just recently trained a new team of instructors. 

In partnership with Monroe Ambulance, various Greece fire departments will be holding a free hands-only CPR and AED training session February 11 at Greece Odyssey Academy.

Several sessions will be available that day beginning at 9 a.m.