GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — An arrest has been made in the Greece Central School District, after a reported menacing involving a gun, this morning on school grounds. 

Police say it happened in the parking lot of Odyssey Academy around 7:40 a.m.

39-year-old Olga Martinez, also a Rochester resident, was arrested and charged with the felony of having a weapon on school grounds. She was also charged with menacing in the second degree. 

Police say it happened after the drivers pulled into the parking lot, after a traffic dispute.

In a robocall to parents, the school says one of their safety officers was on campus at the time, working with police, ultimately determining a gun was never brought inside the school. 

All of this, while the school was placed on lockdown.

“I’m more anxious now,” said parent Kelley Switzer. “Given obviously, this is the first day. I hope that they’re able to follow up with parents.”

Switzer’s 13-year-old son attends the school. 

She says it wasn’t until 10:30 a.m., that parents heard from the district what happened.

“I know a lot of parents were upset at the fact it happened at 7:45 and the call didn’t come in until 10:30, but what we don’t see as parents, is everything that has happened between that time, ya know those hours,” she said. “They’re trying not to ensue panic.”

A new policy for schools in the district also went into effect on Wednesday — a no-phones-in-class policy. 

Switzer says the new policy made it difficult to check up on her son earlier, but believes it’s for the better; when it comes to safety and following the instructions in the event of an emergency.

“Unless it really puts you in immediate danger, they’re there for a reason, and we follow them,” she said.

The cell phone policy will be reassessed later in the year. As for Martinez, police say she did have a valid pistol permit, and they located the gun in her glovebox. 

Martinez was arraigned in the Greece Town Court on Wednesday.