GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — A family in Greece is looking for answers after their daughter was the victim in a hit-and-run incident Sunday night.

Kristine Harris was snow-blowing the driveway of the home she shares with her fiancé when a car driving by hit her, launched her into the air, and left her with multiple life-altering injuries.

Harris’ fiancé Britany Fields said she was shocked to find her soon-to-be wife lying face down in their driveway.

“She wanted to snow-blow the driveway because she wanted to salt it because she was scared that we were going to fall,” Fields said.

Greece Police confirmed a 31-year-old female was struck by a car. A car that fled the scene prior to police arrival.

“I don’t understand how somebody could hurt someone and leave them on the side of the road like they’re trash. She’s a person. She’s a human. She’s loved,” Fields said.

Luckily, Harris wasn’t left on her own for long, thanks to the heroic actions of two good Samaritans.

“I’m not 100% sure if they saw what happened or they just saw her on the road, but however, they stopped and they blocked the traffic with their car. And he came up to the door while he was on the phone with 911 and came and got me,” Fields said, “I don’t know what their names are. I didn’t really catch much information from them, but I’m 100% certain that they saved her life.”

Harris has a long recovery road ahead of her as she sustained a broken pelvis, femur, tibia, and ankle. Harris’ mother Laurie Hoover said being away from her daughter in a time of need was difficult but eventually, she was able to see her.

“I was able to get up there and wait in the family waiting room, and I stayed there throughout the entire day. It was over eleven-hour surgery. I did get periodic updates as far as how it was going. Once it was over, around 8:30 at night, I was able to go up and see her,” Hoover said.

Along with the broken bones, Harris is also suffering from being scuffed up badly throughout her body.

“She had a lot of wounds on her back. Her skin and her muscles were actually separated. They have drainage tubes in there right now, so they’re really worried about infection. The next 24 to 48 hours are going to be very critical for her, so they’re going to keep an extra watch over her,” Hoover said.

While Harris’ family is focused on making sure she gets better, they can’t help but wonder how this incident could have been prevented in the first place.

“Whether they were out drinking, whether they were texting, whether they were talking, whatever the circumstance was, they should have stopped to make sure she was okay. There’s no excuse for that,” Hoover said.

Fields and Harris have lived on Ridgeway Avenue for two years. In that time, they have had their mailbox replaced four times. Fields said the speed limit on Ridgeway Avenue is 35 miles per hour but it’s rare to see anyone adhere to it.

“I hope they can crack down more on the speeding that happens. You can definitely hear it, see it even coming off of the Expressway coming this way. It’s like a giant racetrack coming down,” Hoover said.

Harris’ family is asking anyone with information about the incident to please reach out and help put an end to their constant wondering.

“I know she won’t give up and she’ll fight to come back to us, to Brittany. She’ll be herself again. It might take a while, but I have no doubt she’ll be our Christine again,” Hoover said.

Harris’ family along with Greece Police are asking anyone with information about the incident to call 911 or the Greece Police Department at (585) 581-4016.

The family has also set up a go-fund-me account to help with medical expenses.