Kelsey Grammer promotes new beer at Penfield Tops

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PENFIELD, N.Y. (WROC) — Today at the Tops in the Panorama Plaza. Shoppers and many fans, got a chance to say “cheers” to a new brewer in New York state.

Lines wrapping around aisles, close to hundreds of people, were waiting to get special beer.

Well, maybe it wasn’t just for the beer.

Acting legend Kelsey Grammer was at this Tops today, following a visit in Buffalo, promoting his new beer, “Faith American Brewing Company,” named for his daughter.

“I’ve owned this property in upstate New York for 25 years, sort of at the top of the Catskills, and it’s a lonely area, and the property was once a very thriving place,” Grammer said. “And I kept thinking, ‘what can I do to bring some prosperity back to it, and make it productive again.’ Well I don’t want to become a dairy farmer, so I became a brewer. “

And naturally, he was signing the beer for fans, and taking photos. Those fans had all kinds of goodies to sign, from Fraiser or Cheers.

“It’s kind of a warm opportunity, to thank peope in person for supporting the beer, but also for their kindness throughout the years, watching what I was doing.” he said. “It’s a nice reminder that the things I’ve done in my past have made a difference in people’s lives, and that’s nice, and I want to go on doing that for people.”

About Faith American Ale:

Cuts through dust; cuts through a hard day’s work. Refreshes, slakes a thirst and the concerns of the day when the day is done. Beer that tastes like beer; With character and a hoppy flavor that does not overwhelm…Not a sweet or like a malted drink but beer that smells, looks and taste like life well lived; Like the fields and the sky and the sun have been brewed into every sip. This Ale is inspired by the Catskill Mountains and the countless days of recreation and comfort they have given my family.

About Calico Man IPA:

In the early 1800’s, farmers wore disguises of Calico, a new material imported from India, in their fight to resist a corrupt system of rent for land they worked. They called themselves “The Calico Indians.” With Calico Man IPA, Faith American salutes their spirit and their place in the enduring fight for Freedom.

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