GENEVA, N.Y. (WROC) — Patricia Garcia, the superintendent of the Geneva City School District, stepped down from her role after allegations against her “management of personnel” were deemed unfounded.

The decision was announced Monday. Garcia’s separation from the district is effective immidetetly.

On September 28, school officials launched an independent investigation involving allegations of harassment and discrimination to management under Garcia’s leadership.

Garcia agreed to the need for her to be on temporary leave in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. Kathleen Davis led the school district as superintendent while the investigation took place.

The external investigation revealed the claims against Garcia were not credible.

District officials released the following statement to parents, saying in part:

“Although it is clear all parties care about the students of Geneva, they share different visions for the school district. Dr. Garcia’s commitment and dedication to the students of the Geneva City School District has been evident, and her strategic planning work will continue to support Geneva students to reach equitable academic excellence.”