GENEVA, N.Y. (WROC) — The city of Geneva has contained the petroleum spill in Seneca Lake that began Saturday afternoon, city officials said Monday.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) says they were notified of a possible petroleum spill impacting Seneca Lake.

Once Spill Response experts and local emergency services responded to the scene, they were able to trace the source of the petroleum back to a leaking fuel container located at a property blocks away near Central Ave. and Buffalo St. They add the petroleum was released from a tote.

NYS DEC’s initial investigation revealed that the container — which can hold up to 250 gallons, the city said — was leaking fuel onto the ground and into a storm sewer which eventually reached Marsh Creek and Seneca Lake. The leak occurred because the container was left open, officials said.

Spill mitigation protocols, according to NYS DEC, which includes the placement of a harbor boom around the outfall into the lake, sorbent boom, as well as pads at the lake and various area of Marsh Creek.

Spill booms, berms, and vaccuum systems were used to collect the spilled petroleum.

The NYS DEC adds they are working with the property owner to get more information, and the investigation remains ongoing.

For more information regarding spill response and remediation please visit the NYS DEC Spill Response and Remediation FAQs.

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