GENEVA, N.Y. (WROC) — The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of David Conde Sr., 59, and his 2-year-old son, David Conde Jr.

According to officials, on Tuesday, deputies were called to their apartment on Hamilton Street to do a welfare check. The two had not been heard from in over a week by family members. When deputies arrived they found both deceased.

“Two deputies responded they were unable to get any answer at the door. They summoned motel or apartment staff— they came with a key, unlocked the door, the door was locked, the deadbolt was locked, they opened the door as far as they could, the chain was engaged inside. They hailed for someone to come, there was no response. The deputies forced entry and made their way through the apartment and in the back bedroom in the northwest corner of the residence they did locate Mr. Conde and his son both deceased in the bedroom.” said Lt. David Cirencione from the Ontario County Sheriff’s office.

Conde Sr. and Conde Jr. were both transported to the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s office for autopsies. The Sheriff’s Office did say it’s too early to speculate on what caused their deaths. Conde Sr. did have a medical history, and it’s not clear if he had an episode that led to his passing, leaving his son unattended.

News 8 also asked about possible carbon monoxide poisoning, but again, was told this is under investigation.

“There were no signs of a struggle in the residence and as I indicated, the door was locked on the inside. There’s also a sliding door with a deck that had a security bar that was engaged. We do not have any reason to believe anyone else was inside the apartment when these two passed away,” says Cirencione.

Cirencione says the autopsies will take at least several weeks to complete.

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