GATES, N.Y. (WROC) — As Gates police investigate a dispute on Lyell Avenue which led to a gun being drawn, the chief has guidelines the community should follow to be more on guard if a crime occurs around town.  

So far no one has been charged in that incident, but Gates Police believe on Sunday morning a man was driving on Lyell Avenue when his tire became flat. As he tried to fix it, another driver pulled up mistaking him for someone else, and drew a gun. Chief Robert Long wants people to be on guard.  

Gun violence in the Town of Gates is still unusual according to Chief Long. But crime trends in other categories have been rising across town and in the county. People should be on the lookout for them. 

“Start thinking a little bit more clearly if you go out to a large area or big festival,” Chief Long said. “To some sort of event carrying a large sum of money. These are things where we tell people to be vigilant.” 

This has become more noticeable to Gates Police since the covid lockdowns were lifted. People’s homes and cars are becoming targeted more due to unattended valuables. Or people walking to and from stores unaware of their surroundings.   

“We’re seeing care getting broken into again,” Chief Long continued. “We’re seeing sheds, houses and increase of crimes for opportunity. People leaving their purses in the car while they’re at the gym. I can’t tell you how many times we get calls from people getting their purses stolen out of their car.”  

In the case of a man allegedly drawing a gun on a Gates Resident along Lyell Avenue, New York State Police eventually caught up to him and returned him to town for questioning.  It’s a lesson Chief Long says in remembering all the lives impacted by a dispute. 

“You ruin the lives of many other people if you were to shoot and kill somebody,” Chief Long added. “The suspect probably has a family and a bunch of people who are counting on that person who don’t want to see their loved one locked up for life.” 

It’s been determined the man who drew the weapon in this incident lived in Rochester and did not legally own this handgun. According to Chief Robert Long. Charges could be announced later this week.  

Just like the City of Rochester, Monroe County also has resources and programs people can reach out to and help settle disputes before they escalate.