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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Football season has kicked off — when fans and families get together to watch the games (well, mostly Bills)!

Food is almost as important as the game at a watch party. Some staples include nachos, pizza, and — of course — chicken wings!

If you live in the Rochester area and you want to enjoy wings during a game, you’ll want to know what everyone recommends for good wings. According to Yelp, these are the most recommended places in the Rochester area to grab wings:

  1. Squatcho’s — This “All Vegan Everything” restaurant on East Main Street offers vegan wings tossed in BBQ, buffalo, garlic parm, or boss sauce.
  2. Purple Monster Pizza — Purple Monster Pizza on West Ridge Road offers chicken wings with side sauces. The sauces come with the usual buffalo and BBQ sauces, but they also have sauces such as Red, White, Pink, and Monster.
  3. JT’s Pizza & Plates — Located on Main Street, you can purchase up to 50 traditional wings from this pizza and garbage plate eatery. Some unique wing sauces include the “Atomic Gold Bee” sauce, a “Wolverine” sauce, and an apple-pecan dry rub.
  4. The Richmond by Mortalis Brewing — This brewery may only offer up to 12 wings, but it will also be hosting a Buffalo Bills Bar on Sept. 17 during the Bills’ game against the Raiders. Their sauces include “Richmond” sauce, a cajun and hot honey combination, and salt and pepper.
  5. BoBo’s Chicken Shack — This chicken restaurant on Joseph Avenue serves chicken wings, with many reviewers praising the quality of the wings and its sauces, including the restaurant’s “BoBo Sauce.”
  6. BC’s Chicken Coop — You can order a dozen, 50, or 75 jumbo chicken wings from this restaurant on West Main Street in Webster. Many of the sauces include “Tweet-n-Sour,” a “Coop Sauce,” and “Flaming Feathers” — the hottest sauce that they offer!
  7. Linda’s New York Pizza — The pizzeria on Lyell Avenue offers up to 10 boneless and traditional wings. If you aren’t ready to explore new sauces, you can get the regular sauces you expect — buffalo sauce, BBQ, and country sweet.
  8. Pontillo’s — This local pizza chain offers a variety of different wings and sauces. The amount of wings and the types of sauces you get depends on the location you go to, so make sure you check out your closest one for any wings that catch your taste buds.
  9. Roc Style Chicken & Burger — From the owners of Good Smoke BBQ, this chicken and burger restaurant on West Main Street offers single or double-order wings or up to a dozen chicken wings. Unique sauces include the Everything Sauce, Carolina Gold Mustard Sauce, and Habanero Peach.
  10. Jim’s Ground — The burger joint on Spencerport Road offers up to 20 chicken wings. If you aren’t feeling up to chowing down on all of those wings, you can instead get a wing dinner with mac salad on the side.
  11. Church Boyz Wangz N Thangz — You can grab up to 100 wings from this restaurant on Norton Street. There are traditional sauces here like honey blaze and sweet and sour, but there is also a “Willz Hotz” sauce.

While these may be the best and most reviewed places on Yelp, lots of commenters on our News 8 Facebook page came together to say where they think the best chicken wing availability lays in the area. Here were some top responses:

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