ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wegmans will begin offering hot food bars at some area stores over the next few weeks, company officials said Monday.

In May, Wegmans officials announced they had no plans of bringing back the hot and cold food bars in stores, that were removed due COVID-19 restrictions earlier in the pandemic.

A Wegmans spokesperson says there is a hot food bar with chicken wings and other appetizers at the Pittsford store on Monroe Avenue, adding that the plan is to roll this out at additional stores “over the next couple weeks.”

“While we do not have plans to bring back additional self-serve bars at this time, we have launched a new concept at Pittsford and several other stores, where customers can order fresh, delicious meals prepared at a station during lunch and dinner hours,” the spokespersons said. “We will continue to explore additional opportunities to deliver the restaurant-quality food to our customers.”