ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The South Wedge is getting a new cocktail bar, Martine {mar-teen}.
It’s in the same space as the old Cheshire & Solera, at 647 South Avenue. They open Thursday and will be open Thursday through Monday.

The new place is headed by Chuck Cerankosky, who is a staple in the Rochester food and cocktail community. This will be his sixth place, as well as heading up the Rochester Cocktail Revival.

Cerankosky took over the old space from the former owner in the spring, officially taking the keys in June.

“It was just the right time in my life and in my schedule… This is a very very special property, a wonderful building, great landlords,” he said. “It was also good timing to involve my team and say we can do something pretty cool here.”

Rochesterians, and wine and cocktail lovers will remember Cheshire & Solera as a cozy speakeasy vibe. But with plenty of sweat equity, his new place, Martine, is wide open, light, green, and refined but relaxing.

“We are considering the feel of the space first before we need to beat you over the head with how good the drinks are, and the drinks are very very good,” Cerankosky said.

Those craft cocktails are made to order, as well as embracing a new trend: serving premade cocktails on draft.

“To expound on that format, and be a little bit cheeky and spelling cocktails with a ‘K’ because they come from kegs,” he said.

And Martine is complete with wine, beer, “elevated” cocktail food (they only have a small kitchen, so no entrees), and even a full secondary bar upstairs.

Part of the experience, Cerankosky said, was installing a quality sound system, as well as opening the door for special DJ sets in the future.

“Two floors, great vibes, great drinks,” Cerankosky said.