GREECE, N.Y. (WROC) — The Crescent Beach Restaurant, a landmark in the town of Greece, has a new owner: Katherine Mott-Formicola. The town made the announcement on Monday.

Mott-Formicola is known for running Monroe’s Restaurant in Pittsford, The Wintergarden in Downtown Rochester, and more.

“I am delighted to be back in Greece and so excited at the prospect of returning Crescent Beach to a destination restaurant and venue,” said Mott-Formicola in a statement. “I’m especially excited to celebrate the holidays at Crescent Beach and bring back customer favorites, such as Sunday Brunch and all-you-can-eat seafood and prime rib!”

The town says Crescent Beach has been dormant since 2017. Its former owner was in Canada. was someone in Canada. The town was able to work with the former owner and Mott-Formicola to close the deal.

Mott-Formicola says she was skeptical at first but realized the Crescent Beach Restaurant was in dire need of someone bringing it back to life.

“Being from Greece we went there for every holiday, and I was not interested until the town reached out to me and once, I walked in I knew I had to have it,” she said.

Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich says they’ve had several people come forward with interest in turning the space into an apartment building, but he knew that’s not what the town wanted.

“I knew that this was one of the last spots in Greece that you had access to the lakefront for everybody and this was a wonderful place full of wonderful memories, anniversaries, weddings, parties, Christmas, all the decorations and we wanted to see somebody that was understanding that and wanting to bring it back to those glory days and I think we’ve got the right person,” he said.

Formicola says once the place reopens, she’s not going to change a thing.

“I’m not looking to do anything differently, if it’s not broke don’t fix it. the Berry family had a lot going on and did a great job, so I think I’ll just keep what they were doing. We’re definitely going to be adding on a lot of events and down the road I have plans to add another wedding venue next door,” she said.

The new restaurant hopes to be open by the spring of 2024.

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