ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A new brewery is open on Monroe Avenue in Rochester, Nine Spot Brewing. The brewery is in a historic black building near the corner of Savannah & Monroe. They say it was the former location of Rochester’s first car dealership.

The brewery is open every day, except Tuesdays.

Nine Spot’s first day was Wednesday, and they now join nearly half a dozen other breweries in this area of Rochester, which Buffalo native, and president & co-founder Marina Nothnagle called “Lo Mo” for “Lower Monroe.”

But despite the abundance of brews, they were targeting this area since the beginning.

“We’re just down the road from Strangebird, Roc Brewing Co… But we’re not going to make the same brews (they) are making,” she said. “We’re going to make stuff that complements (them).”

Marina has been working in the adult beverage industry since she was 20, even earning a degree in brewing science. That doggedness would lead her to start the brewery with her other co-founders — which includes her then-boyfriend and now husband Chris Nothnagle — in 2017.

But that same doggedness would allow her to pursue the project despite significant setbacks: one co-founder passed away unexpectedly, and the Nothnagles had a housefire. Both of these tragedies happened in 2019. Then, 2020 happened.

So while the Nine Spot Project had its stops and starts to get going, they are finally open is here. One of their focuses is under-represented brews.

“Our version is to have beer that tastes like beer, (while) respecting the history of the process, and trying to highlight some less-represented styles,” she said.

They also wear their New York pride on their sleeve. The brewery is covered in decor of New York, and each beer aims to share the history of or tries to tell a story of the Empire State. Nine Spot also seeks out collaborative beer with breweries across Rochester and the state.

Their namesake the nine-spotted ladybug, the official state insect of New York.

“We go above and beyond that,” Chris said. “We try our hardest to make sure that everything we are doing is 80% – 100% New York state ingredients.”

They are also working to add a full menu that takes a tour of different New York state regional specialties.

And all of this is powered by a desire to make a space for everyone.

“I’ve experienced harassment, and I’ve witnessed a lot of harassment and unsafe spaces for women, and minorities within these industries,” Marina said. “We really wanted to try and do a better job at supporting the diversity and growth within the business.”