ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Global cultural education, one inclusive forkful at a time.

That’s how Kayla Sandoval describers her new eatery, Biscotti Brewers.

Located in the recently revamped Sibley Square building in downtown Rochester, this eatery provides not only food for those with restricted diets, but also an experience.

Everything at the shop is gluten free, but as Sandoval promises, never boring.

She originally came to Rochester to study mechanical engineering at RIT. After working int he field for six years she came back to Rochester to start this new adventure, after seeing her husband who has Celiac’s disease struggle to find fun food to eat.

“I took it from a ‘learn a discpline so you can learn another discipline’ approach,” Sandoval said. “So I basically learned engineering to become a better pastry chef, very backwards it sounds like.

“I really love getting to see people’s reactions when they say ‘what here is gluten free?’ and I can say everything,” Sandoval said. “These people aren’t stuf to one or two, frankly, not great choices anymore. They have more options and it’s really nice to be able to see that, see their faces change and light up.”

Biscotti Brewers can also be found at the Rochester Public Market, The Lucky Flea vintage market, the Riveter Festival in Victor, and many other locations throughout the summer season.