FAIRPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — With a series called “Model Vs. Food” on YouTube, it doesn’t take too much imagination to figure out what model Joel Hansen does for a living. And yes, he does call eating massive quantities of food from small restaurants “working.”

The Alberta, Canada native — who currently lives in Ontario — has videos from this series dating back to three years ago, as the self-taught videographer and editor now maintains a clip of 3 videos per week. Just hours before his challenge at Fairport barbecue and Tex Mex joint Smokin’ Hot Chicks, a previous video was posted.

Many of his challenges involve burgers and massive sandwiches, but also range from hot chicken, to buffets, and other even world-record challenging meals. But today, he’s tackling a massive sandwich called “Cannery Row Smokestack Challenge.”

The owner of Smokin’ Hot Chicks, Shannon Miller, says it has brisket, turkey, baloney, pork, sausage, Mac of cheese… And says with a smirk: “It’s five Pounds of Love. It just has a little bit of everything. Heavy protein.”

He had one hour to finish two of these mammoths, and competed the feat in just about 22 minutes and 10 seconds, offering commentary along the way, praising the meat and its smokiness, the cheese, sauce, just the right amount of spice, fried pickles, and a bun from a local bakery made special for the meal. He earned a t shirt and a hat for the Herculean effort.

Hansen also says this has a stern “do not try this at home warning,” saying that everyone watching should get themselves a normal sized sandwich, and to leave the monster meals to him; despite looks from admiration from the wait staff.

He says his love of eating big meals came when he was modeling, and training on a grueling bodybuilding schedule. An injury forced him to stay away from heavier weights, but his love of big meals did not melt away with the weight. But he says that with inspiration from iconic series like “Man Versus Food,” he found a way to combine his love of big meals, and a way to make a living.

But despite all of the food he’s consuming, he somehow still manages to stay trim. Without delving into his secret workout routine, Hansen says there’s a fairly obvious key:

“The way I eat on camera is only on camera,” he said. “I like fruits and vegetables and one big advocate of healthy eating. I don’t even have desserts when I’m not on camera.”

Smokin’ Hot Chicks is his final stop on his Rochester and Western New York run — a region that he says has cold weather, but warm people — and old and new fans of his series can expect these episodes to be posted in a month or two.

Miller adds that his kind of social media boost can be huge for a business, especially one that she opened one year ago but after more than a decade of catering, but says she’s along for the ride.

“I’s exciting, it’s fun. That’s that’s all I’m here for,” she said. “I love it. I like to have fun. I love a little excitement.” Smokin’ Hot Chicks also has live music every night, with two bands on Fridays, and three on Saturdays.