ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The beer once labeled as the “Kolsch of fall” is coming to stores this week: The Cran Orange Kellerbier. 12-packs of 12 oz. cans hit shelves this week.

The Kolsch Captain emblazoned on the front has traded in his hat for a flannel, and the drink in the can has traded its citrusy flavor for a more savory, fruit-forward experience. The brewery says the Cran Orange Kellerbier is meant to bridges the gap from light summer beers to heavier winter brews.

Dean Jones, a pilot brewmaster for Genesee, said that what makes this “session beer” (brewer’s code for a drink light enough to responsibly have several) so successful is it’s “crushability,” and Genesee agrees.

“Cran Orange Kellerbier offers crushability with a nice balance of fall flavors that helps people transition into the next season,” Genesee Brand Director Jaime Polisoto said in a statement. “Many fall beers have a heavier malt flavor and taste. We wanted to keep Kellerbier sessionable, smooth and fun — a perfect beer for bonfires, tailgates and apple picking this fall.”

According to Genesee Brewrey, “Kellerbier” translates to “cellar beer,” and is a lager that was first brewed in Germany in the Middle Ages.

The beer was released for the first time by Genesee Brewery last year, with great success.

“Last year, we brewed more Kellerbier than we had planned and still ran out!” Polisoto stated. “This year, we doubled the amount so beer drinkers can savor the last days of summer while enjoying a great drinkable beer in early fall!”