ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The release of a Genesee Specialty beer has become something Rochesterians and beyond have learned to their calendars. The specialty beers include the Ruby Red Kolsch.

Now, the iconic brewery is giving its fans some of the power: they can vote for one of four choices for the next brew. The winner will be the Specialty Beer that is released in the fall.

Between now and March 31, beer fanatics can vote in person at the Genesee Brew House or vote online here.

Here are the choices, with information provided by the brewery:

  • Pear Cinnamon
    • A light and refreshing ale with hints of warm cinnamon and sweet pear promises to delight no matter the fickle weather of winter.
  • Winter Citrus
    • An ale that will deliver bright flavors of blood orange, lime, lemon, and tangerine to the forefront of a smooth ale base, offering a refreshing change to a cooler season.
  • Winter Berry
    • This beer pledges to bring together a bevy of berries in an ale like no other. Light, refreshing notes of raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, and elderberry complement pale malts and subtle hop notes.
  • Apple
    • The subtle, yet instantly recognizable flavor of apple in ale is ready to be picked. This beer aims to deliver a balanced drinking experience that will have you coming back for more all season long.

“People have created the Genesee story for generations. Now we’re looking for our most loyal fans to help us create our next beer,” said Jaime Polisoto, Genesee brand director in a statement. “We are a regional brewery, which gives us the opportunity to engage our community and brew them what they want. And that’s what we plan on doing so cast your vote and let your voice be heard!”