PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The Pittsford Village has a new restaurant, a Mediterranean place with an Italian twist called “Fattoush.” The restaurant shares its name with a kind of Middle Eastern salad.

They opened five weeks ago in December. Currently, they are open seven days a week and have dine-in and takeout options. Owner and head chef Haewa Shareef says business is booming.

“We have been crazy busy, (it’s) unbelievable,” Shareef said.

Fattoush serves Mediterranean foods like baklava, falafel, gyro, schwarma, and more, all made from scratch.

“We don’t keep anything for the next day,” Shareef said. “In the morning when we come in, we prep everything for the day. For the next day, we start over again.”

That’s especially true for their pita pockets, which Shareef says is their top seller.

“We make the fresh dough every morning,” he said, walking News 8 through the process of prepping, flattening, and putting the dough in a rotating oven. After three passes, the dough turns into a perfectly fluffy, and steaming pita. “It feels good, it tastes good, everybody loves it.”

But in addition to Mediterranean classics, Fattoush’s menu has an Italian twist. Shareef is originally from Kurdistan, north of Iraq. He then moved to Italy on a work visa, where he perfected his craft of cooking for about a decade.

Then Shareef came to Rochester in 2016 to be with family.

“I came to Rochester, I see it’s a cool place, and I say (to myself), you know what, I’m going to stay,” he said.

Shareef, who works with his wife at the restaurant, says this food is healthy, fresh, and high in protein, perfect for anyone and everyone. But he wanted to give back, and live the American Dream.

“I thought it would be cool to do something in the Pittsford Village, to be a part of the community of the village, to do something to make people happy, and I actually think we did it,” he said. “It’s been my dream since the day I came to America, to have my own restaurant, so my dream (has) come true.”