Good morning Rochester — Today we are making smoked salmon cucumber rolls. They are a perfect summer refreshing food and I personally like to serve them as an appetizer but they are also great as a snack or lunch.

The first thing we are going to do is add one can of salmon that’s been rinsed, drained and had all that extra water squeezed out. We are going to add that to our dressing. Our dressing is 3 tablespoons each of full fat cream cheese, plain nonfat Greek yogurt and red chopped onion and added to that is a little salt and pepper. Another great optional add in is a little dried dill.

We are just going to mix this all together until it forms a nice, almost like a dip. I have actually used this as a dip with crackers before which is equally tasty but today we are going to roll it up into our cucumbers for a fresh summer bite.

We are going to take this and you really only need a thin layer and we are going to add this to our cucumber and the cucumbers, you can just use a veggie peeler to cut them into strips. Then we are just going to wrap it up — enjoy!

Full recipe can be found here.