Pop-up sensation Chick’n Out returns Monday for National Fried Chicken Day

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ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Instagram pop up restaurant Chick’n Out is back; one day only for now and that one day is National Fried Chicken Day on Monday, July 6.

“It’s been super weird, to be honest,” said owner Adam Bierton over the phone Thursday.

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The fried chicken phenomenon — which had dozens and dozens of people lining up at their Thursday pop-ups at Blossom Road Pub — was looking to fully integrate into a new space on University Avenue and hit Sunday pick up service in full swing.

Due to a disagreement, Bierton and the landlord decided to mutually part ways.

Bierton had still planned to come back quickly, but the pandemic hit. Chick’n Out did put together special meals for first responders and medical personnel earlier this year, but they haven’t been open to the general public.

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Now, they’re stuck without a permanent space. But Bierton — who’s tone was noticeably muted compared to his usual vivacity — says that there’s two sides to every situation.

The break has allowed Bierton some more “eggcellent” time with his wife and three kids under five, and has allowed the business to preen its proverbial feathers without any overhead.

“I’ve been waiting in the tall grass, waiting to pounce,” Bierton said, in a merciful reprieve of bird puns.

He says he’s been examining what other businesses are doing, so he can improve their own model to keep it streamlined and safe.

“I want to cherry pick all the best processes and make them into one going forward,” he said. “Our Sunday service was basically pandemic-proof — we could have even scaled up that business.”

Without a kitchen, that’s tough to do.

“I was hoping that we would be much further along,” he said, also noting that he’s narrowing down deals for another kitchen space.

He’s hoping to start in a new kitchen within two weeks, and start with service Thursdays and Sundays, with a new fun, streamlined, and safe process.

“I have a couple ideas up my sleeve,” he said.

When we asked about July 6th, his tone picked back up; no more laying eggs for the restaurant.

“There’s no way I was going to pass National Fried Chicken Day and not serve fried chicken,” he said. “We have a huge fan base, and they’re all dying for chicken, and it breaks my heart that we’re not cooking.

“We have a fun concept to our brand, and for us to shed some happiness on these weird and difficult times would have been really nice,” Bierton said.

Throughout the whole conversation, Bierton reiterated safety — even beyond published guidelines — and fun in the new service.

Peckish fans can keep following their Instagram for more details — and to stay on top of the pecking order — but here’s a list they can scratch off:

  • Pop-up service will be at Blossom Road Pub (a Black-owned business, Bierton adds)
  • Monday, June 6: 4 p.m. until 9 p.m.
  • Everything will be outside
  • Extra staff will be brought in to manage crowds
  • Simple menu: Only chicken tenders and fries, with a choice of sauce and heat level

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