ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Heroes Brewing Co. continues their mission to brew beers that support local non-profits, especially those that are smaller or don’t have the same recognition as others. C.U.R.E Childhood Cancer Association fits that bill. With 45 years under their belts, they still only have two full timers, two part timers, and the rest are volunteers.

The beer is launching Wednesday, the first of September, with an event at Heroes on Atlantic Avenue, with a guest bartender: A man whose child died from childhood cancer, but received services from C.U.R.E.

Their main service is providing advocates who work with families and children who are going through a childhood cancer. The advocates are parents who’s children have gone through childhood cancer.

“It is honestly the best thing for them, what our parents love about our programs,” said Jonathan Rowlands, the Director of Development with C.U.R.E. “There’s a lot of people who are there who are saying ‘I can understand what you’re feeling,’ but this one literally can. She’s been there, she knows what you’re going through, and she can help them not get through it, but support them throughout it.

“We call them kind of the angel on their shoulder just helping them out,” he said.

The beer itself is a English Special Bitter called “Heart of Gold.” Founder of Heroes, Greg Fagen, called it a perfect beer for the start of fall, saying this is in a press release to News 8. It is available for preorder here.

With this beer you will experience a bit more of everything all around. Be prepared to experience a toffee and biscuit like malt profile, with a delicate bouquet of earthy and floral British hops. The beer starts off malt-forward and complex, with light stone-fruity esters, which last into a decidedly dry finish.

Fagen said all it took was one phone call with C.U.R.E. to know that they were a perfect fit.

“A cancer diagnosis must be devastating even for adults,” Fagen said. “But when it comes to children, it must be exponentially (more) horrible. And the fact that C.U.R.E. is there to be that safety net and that voice of help, in a time when you must be completely lost, resonated with me.

“They’re heroes to those parents,” Fagen said.

The beer will be brewed continuously in rotation with some of their other beers, and even beyond the month, a portion of the proceeds will go to C.U.R.E.

For C.U.R.E., this is only part of the month’s fundraising efforts. They are bringing back their “Gold Flamingos” program. According to their Facebook page, “by making a donation you can nominate a friend to have this special bird turn their lawn into a flamingo habitat. The flamingos will stay, until your friend donates and nominates another ‘Habitat’ for the flamingos to migrate to.”