WEBSTER, NY (WROC) — Deputy Chief Julie Jordan works at North East Quadrant Advanced Life Support off Ridge Road in Webster. She has seen a lot in her 33 years as an EMS. 

“I mean you never know what you’re going to come across if it’s going to be a family friend, neighbor, friend, or some stranger,” she says.

One of the reasons we’re highlighting her for our First Responders Spotlight, is her daily role in saving lives across the region. The other reason is role educating co-workers and the public. 

“I’ve been doing the training for the community for 25 years,” she says.

Jordan also teaches EMS training courses at MCC, and all the training here. “Knowing what to do in an emergency, useful for anyone to know,” she said. “Because you just never know when something’s going to go wrong.” Jordan added that she makes it hands-on and engaging, not just PowerPoints. 

“We moved here in 1999, my children call her ‘Aunt Julie,'” says Chief Syed Ahmed Mustafa with Advanced Life Support North East Quadrant.

Mustafa saying Jordan has always been the ‘go-to’, she also played a huge role during the pandemic. 

“We started doing first responder COVID testing — Julie did that. When we started doing COVID vaccinations for home-bounds, Julie set those policies and procedures for us,” says Mustafa.

Jordan says serving alongside this crew, and the training she gets to pass on, makes her job the best. “And I love the patient care side of it, too,” she says.

Mustafa says their ALS facility is moving to a new location in Webster on September 11. Construction is underway now.