ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — A fire Thursday on North Street saw the Rochester Fire Department rescue four people from a burning home with no injuries reported, just a sample of what the men and women with the RFD do every day.

Fire crews at the North Street Fire evacuated four people with no injuries, and the fire was put under control in 30 minutes. Firefighter Barry O’Connor was the driver.

“I turned around and looked,” O Connor said. “I opened the back door of the rig, I grabbed the ladder, threw the ladder up.”

As soon as the ladder hit the wall, firefighter Tom DaRin climed up.

“There was a male inside,” DaRin said. “We told him to shut the door, that prevents the fire spread. Basically that helped him out a low and then we just lowered the people down.”

O’Connor says their quick action all comes down to training, and more training.

“IT’s all muscle memory,” O’Connor said. “You just do what you need to do to help somebody out.”

Eddie Santiago with the firefighter’s union says when it comes to prevention, check you appliances when it’s hot, keep curtains away from fans, and — most importantly — make sure your smoke detectors are working.

“Just keep an eye on things and know that when they need help, we’ll be there to help them,” Santiago said.

If you don’t have a fire alarm, call 311 and RFD will give you one and install it for you.

“This really is a team effort,” O’Connor said.