First Responders Spotlight: MCSO Sergeant keeps victim calm in chaos

First Responders Spotlight

SPENCERPORT, N.Y. (WROC) — On October 23rd, Sgt. Caitlin Toomey and her partner with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, raced to the scene of a motor vehicle accident rollover in Rush. A man, pinned underneath the wreak. 

“So we got there as quick as possible to make sure everyone was okay, try to be able to be there for him, comfort him,” says Toomey.

The victim, asking Toomey to hold his hand. Toomey and team, staying with him for a half-hour … getting his blood pressure down. 

“We want to be there for him, I can only imagine if it was my family, I want someone to be there for them to make them feel like, ‘we’re going to get you out and take care of you,'” she said.

Essential to the rescue effort: The Rush Fire Department, EMS, and Brighton Ambulance were able to free the man and get him to the hospital. 

“Everybody worked together and it was a real positive outcome,” she says.

Sheriff Todd Baxter says the way Toomey responded and stayed in the moment with the victim was key to keeping the scene calm. 

“That’s so important in a person’s psyche who is going through that experience, but also their family later on, to know that when first responders arrive on-scene, they’re going to treat your loved one with empathy and compassion,” Baxter said.

He says the interoperability with the other departments, an essential part of success. 

“We’ll do what it takes to work with our community and keep them safe,” he said.

Toomey says the best part about her job is being able to serve the region and, “to show the community that we are actually here to help, and we want everyone to go home safe.”

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