ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An emergency inside the Monroe County Jail quickly turned into a mission to save a life for Sgt. Roser, Corporal Whitehair, Deputies Baird, Collichio, Salamone, and nurses Kellie Unger and Michelle Corke.

We met them during roll call at the jail. This happens before every shift when deputies go through a briefing. The meeting prepares them for anything that could happen but they never truly know what will in the hours ahead.

That was the case for this team in early September.

“I was booking a patient coming into custody and Corporal Whitehair said–Corke can you come over here for a second,” Corke explained. “I had no idea what I was walking into, being here you never know what’s going to be going on.”

A burglary suspect brought in earlier that day was unresponsive in a cell. It was a drug overdose.

“When I saw the man I could tell just by his color, I shook his shoulder, yelled his name, tried to hear for any breathing, and none of that was going on,” Corke added. “I told Corporal Whitehair to call a Code Blue and get an ambulance on the way.”

The team jumped into action following all their training. Deputies started CPR, used an AED, and multiple doses of naloxone.”

“The Narcan was a mix of three different people but I administered the first dose of it and Sgt. Roser administered the next two doses,” Cpl. Whitehair said.

They then gave him oxygen forcing the medicine to reverse an overdose through his system. It worked.

“We tried asking him what he took so we could better help him,” Corke said. “He didn’t want to disclose any of that information and I said do you realize you were dead? Now you’re talking, here, and you wouldn’t have been here.”

Because of that team of deputies and nurses, this man is still alive today. The jail superintendent says this is a great example of everyone acting on their training to ensure the safety of the people they are charged with protecting.

As for the investigation into how the drugs got in, they did not recover any drugs or drug-related items and could not prove where the contraband came from. The case is closed.