GATES, NY (WROC) — Officer Thomas Irwin began his career of service with the Marine Corps, stationed in California. He stayed with the Corps for 10 years and deployed twice to Afghanistan. He reached a point where he and his wife needed a change. 

“And when I got out, I decided I wanted to continue serving so I went to my home state of California and joined the Culver City Police Department,” said Officer Irwin.

With his wife from New York, they eventually decided to make the Rochester region home — his spirit to serve never wavering. 

“Luckily I got hired here in Gates,” he said noting former Chief James Vanbrederode hired him.

Irwin wears many hats here working the overnight shift. “And one of the big things we do out there is stopping the drunk drivers from continuing down the road,” said Irwin.

Irwin said his shift is when a lot of people use the cover of the night to break into places. Irwin is also on top of the growing larceny problem in Gates. 

“Between the burglaries and the larcenies and that which is just ongoing,” said Irwin.

“Officer Irwin’s got a keen eye for criminal activity,” said Lt. Matthew Pascarella, Gates Police Department

Lt. Pascarella says for criminals lurking in the shadows overnight — look out for Officer Irwin. 

“He’s out there enforcing these laws, catching these bad guys…” said Pascarella.

Irwin also uses his military experience to do firearms training with the team here. 

“Firearms is something I really enjoy, going out and shooting and teaching those.” He added, “The best part is just helping people out on a daily basis.”

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