First Responders Spotlight: Batavia nurse comes out of retirement to treat COVID-19 patients

First Responders Spotlight

BATAVIA, NY (WROC) — The COVID-19 pandemic has seen many in the medical community rise to the occasion and move to the front lines of the virus battle.

“It wasn’t hard. I just did it. They called and I said ‘sure,'” says nurse Mary Sage of Rochester Regional Health in Batavia. She has come out of retirement twice to take care of COVID-19 patients during the pandemic.

She says at the Batavia facility, the second wave of coronavirus is alarming. She’s hoping more people can get ‘back to basics’ following the guidelines. 

“I think if you have respect for your fellow man, you need to wear your mask and you need to attempt to socially distance. It’s not always that easy, let’s be frank,” says Sage.

Sage says she’s focused on the here and now, treating sick people in the midst of this deadly pandemic. The announcement of a vaccine on the way, all well and good, — but she’s not sure right now where that light is in this COVID-19 tunnel. 

“I have no way of knowing that. But, it sure doesn’t feel like it today,” she says.

“Mary is a pleasure to work with, she has so much experience,” says Melissa Branch who works alongside Sage at Rochester Regional Health in Batavia.

Branch says Sage’s skillset is needed now more than ever with this second spike. “We’re a lot busier than we were back in the March-April timeframe. (But) the patients are a lot sicker, they’re staying a long time.”

Sage says the goodies from Dunkin’ will be shared with staff. Not needed, but much appreciated as she heads in back to finish her shift. “Yeah, it’s busy. It’s nursing. This is what it’s all about, you know?” she says.

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