ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Keeping the community safe and fed. That’s the goal of a partnership between Mark’s Pizzeria and several fire departments in Greece.

Here’s how it works: if you order a pizza from Mark’s, firefighters will show up to your house, deliver the pizza, and test your smoke detectors.

If your detector is working, you get a certificate for a free pizza from Mark’s.

If they’re not working, no need to worry, the fire department will replace them for free. Organizers with Mark’s say this is all about supporting the community.

“This time of year is where a lot of batteries die. They always say check your smoke detectors,” Mark’s Pizzeria Business Accounts Manager Jason Steenwerth said. “We just want to give back to the community to save lives.”

“It made me feel good,” Homeowner Charles Ross said. “It made me feel like the community cares and somebody was out there checking my home besides me because we forget sometimes, so it was a nice treat.”

The partnership started last year but was just between Mark’s and the Ridge Road Fire District. This year, they expanded to include the North Greece and Barnard Fire Districts as well.