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Family First: Spending time with kids during pandemic

Family First

Due to the pandemic, everyone has much more time at home with the children, but are you making the most of it?

Primary Therapist at Rochester Regional Health Andrew Bellush shares some advice on how to go about making the most of the time with the kids. Here are two easy adjustments we could try to implement in our day:

Put the phones away

Put the games away. Electronics are incredible. We wouldn’t have gotten through this whole thing if it weren’t for electronics. It’s just that we have gotten to a point where we are forgetting, it’s more of a filler. There’s is something to be said for the experience to happen when two people are listening to one another and responding to exactly what that person is saying and feeling.

Quality not quantity

“It doesn’t matter how much time. It’s all about the quality of that time so if you have 10 minutes and you’re all in so you are not scrolling through your phone as a parent. Again not rushing through to the next thing. You are all in to whatever it is that that kid wants to do. If it’s just sitting on your lap and reading a book or if it’s just talking to you about their day. If you show genuine empathy and interest for that chunk of time that you are blessed with with your kid. I read a story about one woman who she was just folding laundry and her kid came over and wanted to watch her fold laundry and this really organic moment of her trying to teach her child how to fold laundry I mean, that’s something that she had to do, then it became something that they did together. I think that’s really the key. Showing genuine empathy to your child and their experiences. It’s going to be the game changer in a relationship with a child.

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