ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — An incident is under investigation at the Ontario County Landfill after around three-and-a-half acres of permanent cap slid down the landfill Wednesday.

According to the county, the acres of the newly constructed seven-acre permanent cap slid down the southwest face of the landfill. No injuries were reported, but the displaced clean materials are within the waste area.

Workers at the county landfill place permanent caps over an area of a landfill that has reached capacity. In this case, Casella Waste Management was working to place permanent capping material on around seven acres of the landfill.

Even though there were no injuries, the county notes that a large amount of soil went down the slope in the Southwest area of the site, damaging landfill gas collection and leading to the potential of gas odors around the area. No waste got out of the landfill.

Casella Waste Management and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation are investigating to figure out what caused the incident and to develop a safe action plan.