ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Cornell Cooperative Expansion of Monroe County partnered with the City of Rochester’s Forestry Department and the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle to host a Guided Tree Walk on Saturday.

The walk began at First Street Park and took participants through Bay Street, Goodman Avenue, and Central Park, until returning back to the park. Along the walk, local foresters educated participants on trees, their ecological functions, and the benefits of good environmental health.

“We basically wanted to show the difference between tree canopy and the area,” said Antonius Chess, the Natural Resource Educator for Cornell Cooperative Expansion. “Bay Street has very little tree canopy because their tree lawn is about 3 feet wide and so you can’t really plant a tree there and with that, there’s a lot of issues that can come about like the literal temperature change.”

The event organizers said it was a collaborative project to promote the city’s environmental health.

Officials said the event was also meant to kick off the Tree Canopy Initiative, which the University of Rochester supported through their Environmental Health Sciences Center Capacity Building Project Program.