ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Dr. Patricia Wright, an anthropologist and primatologist, was awarded Thursday with the Conservation Warrior Award by the Seneca Park Zoo.

The zoo created the award to honor those who commit to animal conservation and make an impact on species’ survival and to bring awareness to their work.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello issued a proclamation naming December 7, 2022 as Dr. Patricia Wright Day.

During the presentation of the Award, Bello “call[ed] upon our citizens to continue to take steps to advance conservation efforts here in our County and around the globe, and to honor and celebrate the incredible work and contributions of Dr. Patricia Wright.”

Dr. Wright devoted her life to the conservation of the biodiversity epidemic in Madagascar after discovering a species of lemur in 1986. She was the co-founder of Ranomafa National Park to protect over 41,000 hectares of rainforest.

She was also the co-founder of the Centre ValBio field station focused on integrating people in saving the rainforest and the animals within. Over 80 Malagasy staff are employed at the station.

Dr. Wright wrote five books and over 200 publications and received three Medals of Honor from the Malagasy government.

The physical award is a depiction of a tree growing out of a rock and was designed by the Corning Museum of Glass. According to the artists who created the award, the piece embodies the resilience, strength, and passion the recipient brings to preserving wild places.

As a recipient of the award, Dr. Wright will receive a $20,000 grant for her conservation works and a glass sculpture piece courtesy of the Corning Museum of Glass.