ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — 17 months ago, All-Elite Wrestling called off their ‘dynamite’ show due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wednesday night, the Blue Cross Arena hosted wrestlers and fans eager to get back to the in-person action. 

“It’s awesome. To be able to see it live after watching it on TV for almost two years,” says Zachary Warner, Wrestling Fan.

New COVID and vaccine protocols were in place at the Blue Cross Arena Wednesday. Guests 12 and up need at least one vaccine shot. Come November 3rd, those 12 and older need to be fully vaccinated. The fans Wednesday, approving.

“I feel safe, my family feels safe in regards to that,” said Jeremy Johnson.

“I feel safe!” says Christine Bell.

“Yeah, we got masks, we’ll be all good,” says Terry Bell wearing a wrestling belt.

At the event, AEW honored wrestler Jon Huber. A Rochester native, Huber died last December. Although he toured the world he always stuck to his Rochester roots.

“I know the fans are going to be off the walls, they’re going to be chanting his name,” says Nicholas Colon.

And a tweet Wednesday from wrestler ‘MJF’ causing chatter in the city. He says Rochester has ‘nothing going for it’, a clothesline smack to many local fans. 

“He just wants people to not like him, he thinks he’s being edgy and trying to poke all the right buttons…” says Warner who pointed out MJF is trying to be the bad guy to stir the pot.

But some say MJF isn’t too far off. “Unfortunately I’m going to have to agree with him when our most famous thing is the garbage plate!” says Johnson.

All guests 12 and under do not have to have the vaccine, but have to mask up at all times. For those 12 and up masking is strongly encouraged.