Two RIT grads part of production team for ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’


HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — There’s always a Rochester connection, and this time, it’s to the Marvel blockbuster, “Spider-man: No Way Home.”

Both Anna Dining and Chris Brands majored in motion picture science at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Now they work for a company called Picture Shop.

Their job — both for this movie and previous Marvel films they’ve worked on — is what is called doing the “dailies.” it involves taking the footage from the day, and processing it; as well putting it in a safe place. It’s a seemingly small, but its an incredibly important task.

“Have operators and colorists who come in and they process usually overnight, they color grade the material, they sync the sound, they type in metadata,” Brands said. “They do all these things to make sure that when it goes down the line, everything’s set up and easy to work with. Also put the material up somewhere in a place where producers, directors, whoever the production wants to be able to be you, the footage can, can view it.”

“It’s exciting because we work on a lot of projects and to have ones that are well known across my family and my friends…” Dining said. “It’s fun bragging rights and for people to be like, ‘oh yeah, that’s what she does.'”

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