ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — ROC Jam Live organizers announced the return of the event for their second year with a three-part series of performances that began on Sunday at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park.

The event featured a performance by radio personality and former rapper Mister Cree.

“It has a backdrop of hip-hop and R&B going back to the early 80s and 90s with the original park jams that used to happen that sort of started the culture off,” said Jason Berry, the event producer of ROC Jam Live. “We’re just kinda bringing a little bit of that hip-hop culture and vibe up here to the Rochester area.”

The event will continue on Sunday, August 3 with a performance from DJ Big Reg and will close out the Roc Summer Soul festival weekend with a performance from Fatman Scoop on Sunday, August 28.

Organizers add that attending each event is free.

The creator of the event, DJ Big Reg, said that he started the event as a form of music therapy to get through the pandemic. According to the event’s website, it was also formed as a way to celebrate classic hip-hop and to bring the community of Rochester together.

Organizers add the event is now a partnership with Mayor Malik Evans and the City of Rochester.