ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — This week brings us the opening of a new production from OFC Creations in Brighton.

It’s called “Dance Mums: The Drag Parody Musical,” written and directed by Eric Vaughn Johnson

It’s loosely based on the hit reality television series, which follows mothers urging their daughters to perform in the world of competitive dance.

“This show is modeled after the first few seasons, but in more of an outrageous form,” Johnson said. “You’re taking the original material that you fall in love with, in a lost episode version. so, it’s all more outrageous, they all have bigger personalities and there’s some surprises along the way too.”

This show is intended for those ages 16 and up. It runs at OFC Creations Theatre Center on Winton Place through the 24th. More information can be found here.