ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Rep. Chris Jacobs, a Republican, is currently running his second campaign for the 27th Congressional District seat in less than a year.

He won the seat over the summer in special election defeating his Democratic opponent, Nate McMurray – the same person he’s going up against now.

McMurray stopped by News 8’s studio earlier this week for an interview.

The 27th CD covers a large amount of land in between Buffalo and Rochester and the seat was previously held by Republican Chris Collins, who resigned after being convicted of insider trading charges.

In this interview, Jacobs was asked about immigration, health care and stimulus funding, but one issue that also came up was debates.

McMurray claimed in his interview that Jacobs refused to debate him more than once and Jacobs took issue with that Friday saying this:

“He (McMurray) chooses his own set of facts which don’t often match the reality. I agreed to five debates in addition to a debate we already had here in the special election and frankly he didn’t show up at 2 of them, one of them hosted by the Ontario Farm Bureau, the only debate that was just focused on farm issues, he was a no-show and farming is the biggest employer in the NY-27 congressional district.”

McMurray countered by providing a list of news outlets the campaign says tried to secure a debate between the candidates for the 27th CD, but either didn’t hear back from the Jacobs’ campaign or received a straight-up no.

As of Friday night, News 8 has not verified all the information on the list, but does know WIVB-TV in Buffalo did request a debate and Jacobs’ campaign declined.

In response to Jacobs’ interview, McMurray offered this statement:

“I have always been ready to debate anytime, anywhere. Lying career politicians like Chris Jacobs are exactly why voters in the 27th Congressional District feel so let down so many times before. It is also why voters across the US are coming out at historic levels to vote against Trump and his enablers up and down the ballot—including Mr. Jacobs.”