ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — News 8 spoke to voters at the polls Tuesday about some key issues on their minds such as inflation, violence, and abortion, which are all issues that may affect voters’ choices.

The first question we asked voters: what’s their motivation for showing up?

“Many of us take things for granted, and our opinions aren’t being counted as much as they should,” an anonymous voter said at the Rochester Academy of Medicine polling site.

“A lot of negative things going on in the world in the country, New York State,” James Arft of Irondequoit said. “Taxes are too high.”

Those two are on opposite sides of the political aisle, but both agree that recent events in the news are on their minds.

“What got me out here this morning is Roe v. Wade, so I know at least one of the candidates for whom I voted said pro-choice on her literature,” the voter at the Academy of Medicine said.

“My wife is pro-abortion, I’m definitely not,” Arft said. “It’s up to the states to decide; the people in the states to decide,” he said.

Arft said he’s also concerned with recent events of gun violence both locally and across the nation.

“It’s the people and culture that’s changed, a lot of violence in our culture today,” he said. “Video games are a perfect example.”

Voter Bruce Brown said he has opinions on both sides of the political spectrum, which can cause a lot of divisiveness, but he hopes the candidates he votes for change that divisive atmosphere.

“If everybody could come together instead of everyone fighting and disagreeing with each other, as far as politics, race so forth,” he said.

Whatever your idea of a hopeful future is, one thing remains certain: your right to be heard.

“Anytime you have a choice you should take advantage of it, otherwise you might get something you don’t want because you sat back and let someone else decide,” the anonymous voter said.