ROCHESTER N.Y.(WROC) — High school students are now able to explore the many different options for a career path virtually.

Future Ready and Rochester Works partnered together to give students a hands-on experience to learn about career pathways through virtual reality exploration.

The students were able to see and explore many different career options available those relating to technology and other skills and trades.

They were given mobile headsets that allowed them to immerse themselves in a video game. They later had a chance to get a physical tour of these places, as well.

Jamarr Myers, the administrator of College and Career Readiness Development, says he began this program to provide students with the readiness that he didn’t have growing up.

“My father was killed when I was 12 and my mother died when I was 16. So all the different things — the activities, the experiences, learning how to network — I wasn’t able to do. So I wanted to create a program that allowed students to get tutoring support, to get job training skills, to go on college tours and to go physically see a career that they can touch and talk to somebody and hopefully that will influence their future decisions,” says Myers.

Future Ready serves more than 500 students through 57 different schools in Monroe County. 

For more information about upcoming events or how your students can join visit Future Ready | Education Success Foundation