ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The University of Rochester apologized after sending out a message in response to the deadly attacks in Israel from last weekend.

On Saturday, dozens of people were killed after Hamas militants fired rockets and sent fighters into Israeli towns near the Gaza strip. Israel’s national rescue service said many people were also taken hostage.

On Monday, UR sent out a message to the university community regarding the attacks, saying that they stand in support of the community, those connected to the region, and those who lost their lives.

In the message, they said that they denounce violence and prejudice and embrace diplomacy and discourse.

Two days after the message, the University sent out another message in response to criticism of their previous one. In this new message, they apologized for the message adding more pain while sharing their feelings on the loss of lives for both Israelis and Palestinians.

The full statements can be read below:

First Message from the University of Rochester (10/9/2023)

“To the University Community:

The recent escalations within Israel and the Gaza Strip and the ensuing violence have drawn the world’s attention and reminded us of the precious value of peace. The University of Rochester stands in support of our community, especially with those with ties to the region and those who have lost loved ones. As a place of healing and higher learning, we denounce violence, hatred, and prejudice in favor of a world that embraces diplomacy and discourse. Even more, we remember the innate and profound value of human life and our mission to make the world ever better.

Second Message from the University of Rochester (10/11/2023)

To the University Community:

In our previous response to the shocking attack on Israel and the subsequent human suffering, we acknowledge that we missed the mark. We are truly sorry that a message that was meant to console only amplified the pain that so many of us are feeling.

Let us be clear: We view the Hamas attack on Israel as an act of terrorism, and we are horrified by the images and stories of slaughter of so many innocent people.

We are also devastated by the ensuing loss of lives among Israelis and Palestinians alike, and we continue to hope for a non-violent resolution to this terrible conflict.

One of our primary responsibilities as an institution has always been, and remains, the safety and well-being of the University community, whether its members are in Rochester, the Middle East, or anywhere else in the world. We know this is a very painful time for our entire community. Below is again a list of resources available at our University.