ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer says he believes extremist and fringe House Republicans plan to “stop paying the nation’s bills,” resulting in a default on the debt ceiling.

The debt ceiling caps how much money the federal government can borrow — not spend —and has dominated national conversations recently as the national budget approaches the ceiling.

Representing most Democrats, Schumer and President Biden are currently deadlocked with Republicans hoping to raise the ceiling. While many across the political spectrum have historically raised the limit, Schumer argues that Americans should focus on paying off the already sky-high national debt.

He said that if Americans don’t pay the debt off, a default would become a nightmare for families everywhere, including Upstate New York. This brings the potential, he says, for mortgages, car loans, and credit card rates to go up.

“We cannot let the extreme views of a few who want to play chicken with the debt ceiling,” Schumer said, adding that, if America defaulted, “Upstate New Yorkers could see real dollars from so much of what they own disappear from their monthly Social Security checks, their retirement savings, their home value. America pays its debts, period.”