ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County has expanded eligibility for senior citizens and disabled individuals to get exemptions on their property taxes, according to two new proposals.

The first proposal increased the income threshold for eligible adults over 65 seeking an exemption for their property taxes. The second did the same thing for individuals with disabilities who are on a fixed income, who meet some other qualifications.

For both groups, the new limits will give a 50% cut in property taxes for those who qualify and make up to $50,000. For those who qualify and make between $50,000 and $58,400, they will be eligible for a partial reduction.

Visit New York State’s website to see a full list of eligibility requirements.

Raising the income bar will increase the number of eligible residents by 11%, county officials said. The cut is not automatically applied, and individuals from both groups need to apply.

The legislation was passed January 10, along with a county clothing and shoe tax exemption.

The application period ended February 1 for city residents, and ends March 1 for non-city residents. Residents need to reapply yearly.

To apply, call the county’s Real Property office at (585) 753-1125 or visit their website.