ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Despite Sunday’s dreary weather, folks over in East Rochester were out helping neighbors on East Avenue in need of some fall-time clean up.

More than 20 volunteers joined together, specifically assisting with those in East Rochester’s elderly community, with organizers explain how tasks like raking leaves can become a big project.

The effort was organized and hosted by World Mission Society Church of God’s young adult worker volunteer group, which is called “ASEZ WAO,” which stands for “save the earth from a to z — we are one family.”

Teaming up with the Village was a quick turnaround, as the organizers had just met only a few weeks ago.

“Actually it’s perfect timing,’ Albert Buckner, a resident who works at East Rochester Community Center, said. “We, for years have done this through our community, just getting the youth group, locally. But then COVID came, that all disappeared, nobody’s returned, and you gave a call and we’re starting it all over again. So it’s almost like God’s Will, one, right into the other. Amen!”

According to the “ASEZ WAO”‘s website, today’s efforts meets one of several ongoing initiatives, such as identifying and helping where there is a specific unmet need in a local community.

Others include reducing energy use in the workplace, planting trees, and cleaning up plastic waste.