BRIGHTON, N.Y. (WROC) — Topgolf, a national chain of driving ranges, is looking to add its newest location at the CityGate development in the Brighton section.

Key elements of the proposed development in the letter of intent, written by Topgolf:

  • Indoor/outdoor facility with dozens of driving ranges
  • Two-story 45,500 sq. ft. building (footprint of 23,700 sq. ft.)
  • Projected economic impact of $10 – $20 million a year
  • 300 permanent jobs created; 200 temporary construction jobs
  • Projected 250,000 visitors yearly

Part of the letter of intent is asking for incentive zoning in accordance with Brighton’s 2028 plan. The town of Brighton has accepted the letter, and the town says the next step would be discussing it at October’s planning board meeting.

A part of the proposed incentive zoning deal is an agreement, says Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, that Topgolf would build sidewalks for the town, and give the town cash.

Additionally, Topgolf — Moehel says — would pay 100% of town taxes. Brighton uses a tax base model: so the town determines its operating budget, then it back calculates how much taxpayers owe.

With millions in projected taxable income, Topgolf could help lower people’s taxes in the town.

The indoor/outdoor facility would be in the parcel that’s in the town of Brighton, and would only be the second location in New York. The other is in Long Island, and the next closest location is in Cleveland.

It’s this has Moehle, and Don Jeffries with Visit Rochester excited. It could bring in a lot of tourism activity, without clogging up Brighton’s residential areas.

“The parcel of land would be accessed from E. Henrietta Road, it does not front on Westfall Road, it is there on the edge of Brighton, and doesn’t have a lot of residential property nearby,” Moehle said. “Bringing people into Brighton, into the Rochester area will help surrounding businesses, at first blush, it’s certainly a project we want to look at very very closely.”

“It’s another thing we can offer,” Jeffries said. “So when we’re trying to sell meetings and conventions, we can say you can have an outing at Topgolf and you show them what it is, how much fun it can be, so it’s good for tourists, it’s good for families and its good for the community.”