HENRIETTA, N.Y. (WROC) — The town of Henrietta currently has at least six current apartment complex projects.

They are in different phases of completion, from special use permitting to construction. The complexes range from affordable senior housing — like the project at Marketplace Mall, to student-centered housing on East River Road, to a project hundreds of acres across that is being built by the Free Masons.

Henrietta Town Supervisor Stephen Schultz says these are at no cost to the taxpayers, and are needed for the community to grow.

“Henrietta is the fastest growing town in Monroe County. we’ve seen significant growth, we’re probably going to cross 50,000 population, I would guess by the next mid-census. There’s absolutely a huge shortage of inventory here,” Schultz said.

Not only are the developments not on the taxpayer dime, but Schultz says the developers also regularly contribute to public works and land.

“If there are new public roads, the developer builds the roads, and the new sewers, and the new water, and when they’re done, they dedicate it to the town,” he said. “In addition, they also provide land, so we have some new town parks, as a result of these projects.”

List of projects:

Marketplace Mixed-Use Development & Senior Housing

Marketplace Mall is the site of many new anticipated facilities. One of them is the senior housing apartments in the Marketplace Mall Campus.

This week, the developer, Rochester’s Cornerstone Group, told News 8 that “Marketplace Senior Apartments” is projected to fully open in the summer of 2024.

The complex will be next to Sportmens Warehouse, and down Miracle Mile from the new orthopedic center.

East Henrietta Apartments

According to public documents, this build would be at 2160 East Henrietta Road, and the developer, A&R, would look to construct two four-story apartment buildings for a total of 102 units.

Shultz says this project is in the special use permit stage, and they mainly have to address the fact that are above other houses from a drainage perspective.

“They have a lot of hurdles to overcome,” he said.

Aptitude Rochester ROC River Apartments

This 202-unit mixed-use development project would be at 3438 East River Road, and is under construction. Schultz says they are looking to have at least some units available by the start of the academic year.

“This is primarily student housing, though they would accept non-students,” Schultz said and said they are working on working on partnerships with local public transportation. “I suspect this would be more for RIT students, but you can shoot right up East River Road to UR.”

The build would also include an extension of sidewalks that would allow students to walk, skateboard, or bike to school.

Lehigh Mixed Use

This nearly 30-acre project is located at 84 Lehigh Station Road, and is slated to have 196 units. It is currently under construction.

Schultz says they are “a few months” behind the Aptitude Rochester projects.

Unlike the student complex, this complex is geared more towards young people just starting out in the workforce, and would have an industrial park, interconnected with other business parks in the area.

Masonic Care Community

This care community is slated to have 200 residential units and recreational amenities located at 856 Middle Road. The project would also add sewer lines to a handful of residents in the area who previously did not have it.

Schultz says this huge development will be built by the Free Masons of New York organized non-profit group, and this would be their second such development in the state, following another one in Rome, NY.

This facility, he says, would have a community center, a large pond, hiking trails, and a memorial for servicemen. It would also connect to the Lehigh Valley Trail.

He says it would mainly be an independent care community for seniors, with different affordability levels, ranging from small units in a big building to standalone units.

The Free Masons met with neighborhood groups, Schultz says, and worked with them to keep buildings under 53 feet, so the complex would not disturb other sight lines.

“It just shows what happens when you engage the neighbor early,” he said.

Lehigh/South Ridge Subdivision

This project is in the board planning stages for 114 units on Lehigh Station Road.

Schultz says the old developer of the lot “had carved out” a road that is the entrance for CVS and a daycare but made it part of the CVS lot. So, the only way for people to exit the property to Calkins Road would have been to build on people’s backyards.

“We foresaw a lot of accidents (with that), so we required them to bring a road up to East Henrietta Road,” he said.

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