ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — As outside temperatures drop, experts in Rochester want to remind everyone of the resources available if you or someone you know is facing homelessness.

In 2020, there were 815 homeless individuals on any given night in Monroe County.

According to the Open Door Mission in Rochester, there has been an increase in homelessness over the past few months. Experts say this is because of things like the pandemic, addictions, mental health, and inflation.

The City of Rochester along with Monroe County teamed up to prevent and end homelessness in the area. Rochester’s website they have listed several emergency shelter contacts along with services for financial assistance and mental health. Vice President of Operations, Robert Williams said his organization is an option.

“We have been in the City of Rochester for over 70 years,” Williams said. “As a matter of fact, we are celebrating our 70th anniversary and we were established to provide security, food, housing, clothing for just homeless. men, women, and children in the City of Rochester.”

The organization is looking to help people who may not have a place to call home in time for winter. Williams said one new resource is coming soon.

“We are standing in our newest project which is a 24-unit supportive housing apartment building,” he said. “And as the winter approaches it’s certainly going to be an impact to help secure some of those folks getting into our apartments.”

Just down the block from the building, Williams said they operate an emergency shelter. The new project is in the process of being filled up and is expected to be complete by November 1.

If you are in need of these resources, you can call open door mission’s community services at 585-454-6696.