ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Anyone who has driven on I-490 westbound toward Rochester has likely seen the construction and destruction of the parking lot behind the Culver Road Armory.

Significant scaffolding and more is going up. According to public documents from the City of Rochester, the structure is a proposed 17,000 sq. ft. one-story building.

Its official address is listed as 350 Rosedale Street.

Part of the project includes retooling the parking lot, and adding some lawn space around the building. Multiple decorative light schedules would also be built.

A tenant for the building was not listed.

According to those same documents, Rainaldi Real Estate is listed as the developer of the Armory, and this project. News 8 previously reported that Rainaldi purchased the property in 2009.

News 8 has reached out to Rainaldi about plans for the new building, and has yet to hear back.

At one point, condos were discussed for the property. In 2015, Rainaldi talked about the vision for “phase 3” of the Armory project:

“We are our own little ecosystem here,” Rainaldi said. “We really enjoy watching people cross-shop through the development and we’re becoming more of a lifestyle center, a culture center.

“The third building is a hybrid of both (the other two buildings) and has a little more contextual relationship to the topography,” Rainaldi said. “You’ll see green elements, there will be all types of hybrid charging stations, rooftop features and hiking trails.”