ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — The City of Rochester continues to look for development partners for a number of projects across the city.

Last month, the city announced it is seeking a developer for a 2.8-acre empty plot of land at the Port of Rochester.

It’s a visible and easily accessible lot, close off Lake Ave, but separate from the main port building.

The city said this is part of its local waterfront revitalization program, and open to anything: restaurants, housing, mixed-use…

In short, the City of Rochester is looking for any development that will help make the port a year-round destination, and will fit in with the surrounding community.

“A lot of the customer base is seasonal, and so having more activity year-round will support our small businesses in the Charlotte area,” said Erik Frisch, the deputy commissioner of Neighborhood and Business Development. “We’re looking for high-quality design that’s context-sensitive and respectful of the neighborhood character.”

The city is working with the Charlotte Community Association. CCA Board President Tom Bruce said in a press release through the city:

“The Charlotte community continues its enthusiasm and excitement for a new development at 4752 Lake Avenue. We look forward to working together to further establish the Port of Rochester as a year-round community to live, work, and play.”

Proposals for the port parcel are due in January. The city is also looking for a restaurant to occupy a space in the terminal building.

Vacant housing portal

A portal to get vacant homes in use was launched this year. The city lists city-owned vacant houses with a low starting bid price.

Frisch says it helps to expedite the process for developers or homeowners to buy them, fix them up, and put them to good use. So far, the site has helped garner a lot of interest.

“We’re optimistic that we’ll see a number of city-owned homes that are currently vacant sold to developers for good high-quality renovations,” Frisch said.

Underpass development

There is an RFP bid for the development of multiple railroad underpasses on Atlantic Ave., Culver Rd., Winton Rd.