Destination NY: Schoen Place, along the Erie Canal in Pittsford

Destination NY

PITTSFORD, N.Y. (WROC) — The Erie Canal has many spots in Rochester that are bringing people out as the weather continues to heat up.

Schoen Place in Pittsford is one of them. While it’s packed with businesses and restaurants, some people are coming out for more than that.

Emily and her friend Stephanie come to rollerblade along the canal.

“It (rollerblading) has been a nice activity to do, because we can be active and  get in the sun a bit, but also stay distanced,” said Emily White.

People also come here to ride their bike, watch the ducks or walk their dog.

“We have our little dog over here and we’re socializing him, we brought him to the canal because this is a great place to meet other dogs and other people,” said local resident Stefano Daza.

Before the county started opening up, closed businesses and restaurants weren’t stopping them people from coming to experience Schoen Place.

“We keep coming back to Schoen Place because we think this is the prettiest part of the canal. We love the Fairport Village, but it’s under construction so we’ve been coming here,” said Alec Graziano.

After a long winter that felt prolonged with the global pandemic, people are saying it’s a relief to finally get outside.

“It just feels like a curtain has been lifted,” said White.

“It’s like you didn’t know how it slightly sucked away at you a little bit until you kind of got that breath of fresh air and got to see the beauty that Rochester has to offer,” she said.

“It just brought the happiness back, especially with everything that’s been going on,” Stephanie Mazzawi

You can also rent kayaks, canoes and bicycles in Schoen place as well.

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