ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — News 8 has obtained the court documents involved in the $12 million settlement between the City of Rochester and the Daniel Prude Estate, following his death after being detained by several Rochester Police Department (RPD) officers in March 2020.

The settlement comes after an alleged cover-up of the officer bodycam footage, the release of the footage in September 2020, and weeks of protests calling for police accountability and systemic changes to how mental health crises are handled. While the City of Rochester will be settling the issue with a hefty sum, the paperwork explicitly states that “there will be no admission of liability” from the defendants. Once paid out, the lawsuit will be dismissed, the document says.

The settlement lists Nathaniel Mcfarland (in his capacity as administrator of the Prude Estate) as the plaintiff, and lists the defendants as both the City of Rochester and the following RPD officers: Mark Vaughn, Troy Taladay, Francisco Santiago, Michael Magri, Andrew Specksgoor, Josiah Harris, and “other as-yet-unidentified Rochester police officers.”

McFarland, who resides in Illinois, is one of Prude’s five children. His other children are daughters Junera Prude, Tashyra Prude, and Sharell Prude, and son Terrell Prude.

The City of Rochester agrees to pay $12 million to the plaintiff, the affidavit says, divided into two categories. Half is considered “Survival Claims”, and compensates the pain and suffering of surviving family. The other half is meant to settle grievances regarding the” Wrongful Death Claims,” and compensates “pecuniary injury,” or economic damages, to Prude’s five children.

The affidavit specifies that no funds are considered punitive damages. Punitive damages are assessed in instances where a defendant is being punished for wrongdoing.

From each half, the plaintiff’s counsel will be taking 33% in attorneys fees, for a total of $3,960,000. An additional $116,808.92 will be paid to the plaintiff’s counsel in reimbursements to the Prude Estate for the lawyer’s initial cost.

Daniel Prude’s brother, Rochester resident Joe Prude, was not part of the settlement, but told News 8 last week he was “happy for the settlement (and Daniel’s kids).”

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